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Louisiana Public Schools Essay - 661 Words

For the public schools of Louisiana and across the United States I would propose the expansion of healthcare services provided by the school, an increase in after school and community programs, and the use of a comprehensive curriculum. I would also suggest a decreased emphasis on testing and test results as they apply to school accountability. It is suggested by data from NAEP testing that school absences is one of the factors that has a negative impact on student learning and therefore on overall grade point average and test scores. In a table that shows the coloration of school days missed with the percent of student with a 3.0 of higher grade point average, in the Sioux Falls school district in South Dakota, data suggests that as†¦show more content†¦An increase in healthcare programs provided by schools or by local community centers for children living in impoverished areas could lead to a decrease in absences, and in effect an increase in learning for those students. T he research we have looked at in class, from NAEP and other resources, has suggested that only a limited time of a person’s life is spent in school. We have also learned that education does not come just from school but also from parents and other life experiences. Therefore, I would propose that Louisiana and other states provide more afterschool programs, through community centers or other facilities, that help to enrich education, help to provide positive environments in which children can interact, and provide classes of interest that may not normally be found in most schools. These facilities could also provide tutoring and programs that help integrate the Arts more into education. Student mobility is also a problem facing our school system. Once again, from research we have looked at in class, and from a study I looked at done primarily at the University of Washington on â€Å"Longitudinal Effects of Student Mobility on Three Dimensions of Elementary School Engagement, † it is suggested that students mobility and other factors that arise from it such as stress leaded to a decrease in a student’s ability to learn. In class we alsoShow MoreRelatedLegislative History Of Parental Right911 Words   |  4 Pages First, the liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children is a fundamental right. Second, the parental right to direct education includes the right to choose public, private, religious, or home schools, and the right to make reasonable choices within public schools for one’s child. Third, neither the United States nor any state government shall infringe these rights without demonstrating that its governmental interest, as applied to the person, is of the highestRead MorePrivate Schools Vs. Public Schools998 Words   |  4 Pagesnation. People today might say that private schools are superior to public schools, saying that they are safer and a better environment to learn in. Some might sa y that a private school is a way of sheltering your child and not letting them experience opportunities and face many problems to learn from. There are many positives and negatives to both sides; it mainly depends on whom you are talking to. Some parents might want their child to go to a private school because the class size is smaller and thatRead MoreStand Up For Those Who Can Not2465 Words   |  10 Pageswithin this world? Could the deaf suddenly hear victory ringing around them? Prior to the 1970’s, few to no disabled students were educated in public schools because their needs that required extensive care were unable to be addressed by school faculty. In 1975, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was passed. This act requires public schools to allow students the right to education, regardless of their disability. Special Education provides access to education to children with intellectualRead MoreDear University Of Wisconsin Madison Admissions1588 Words   |  7 PagesDear University of Wisconsin-Madison Admissions, Growing up a Caucasian, upper-middle-class child in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I remember feeling perplexed every time I visited my neighborhood grocery store. While the groceries in one part of the store served a demographic population similar to my own, the other items catered to the low-income, predominately African-American population located in the adjacent neighborhood. My grocery store mirrored the demographic make-up of my city, yet was notRead MoreZero Tolerance Policies And School Discipline10009 Words   |  41 Pagesthat funnels millions of students from school into the juvenile justice system (Robinson, 2013). This dilemma, known as the school-to-prison pipeline is garnering much attention in Virginia due to the states continued issues in overcoming the phenomenon. This study explores zero tolerance policies and school discipline to better understand its effect in to bring awareness to an issue that may help in dismantling this pipeline. Particularly looking at those school divisions within Virginia that haveRead MoreThe Louisiana Science Education Act Essay1728 Words   |  7 Pagescreationism. Is there a significant difference between these methods? Several states have passed regulations that allow schools to teach both evolution and creationism. The Louisiana Science Education Act, in particular, is a highly controversial debate. The act allows teachers to teach adscititious materials in the classroom. Many opponents are looking to repeal this law. The Louisiana Science Education Act should not be repealed as it allows the student to engage in critical thinking skills, acknowledgeRead MoreLouisiana High School Athletic Association1574 Words   |  7 Pages Louisiana High School Athletic Association Coty Kibodeaux February 8, 2015 â€Æ' Introduction The Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) was formed in order to better regulate and develop the high school athletics of the state. It currently governs all high school sports for Louisiana, for both males and females and will soon celebrate its centennial in 2020. The LHSAA finally got its permanent home in Baton Rouge in 2010 and currently governs 16 different sports with various classificationsRead MoreThe Louisiana Department Of Health And Hospitals778 Words   |  4 PagesThe Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals will be examined in this investigative research paper. Their mission according to their website, â€Å"is to protect and promote health and ensure access to medical preventive and rehabilitative services for all citizens of the State of Louisiana.† Their organizational goals are to provide quality services. As well protect and promote health, develop and stimulate services by others. Lastly, in order to fulfill its mission utilize available resources inRead MoreDiane Ravitch on the Jindal Reform Proposal1066 Words   |  4 Pagesproposal put forward by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal? Jindal has proposed (according to the National Review, a conservative publication) that there should be a huge expansion of the voucher program (Brennan, 2012). Voucher programs pay tuition for students attending private schools which of course take students away from public schools. In Louisiana there are about 400,000 students (about half of Louisianas public-school population) eligible for vouchers because their schools receive bad gradesRead MorePolitical Culture And Higher Education Regimes1738 Words   |  7 Pagesdemonstrated their power by electing to ban â€Å"bilingual education, excluded illegal alien children from public schools, and impose three-strike penalties for felony crimes† (Kleinman and Gittell in Brown, 2010, pp. 715). Voters in California also elected to eliminate affirmative action in California instituti ons, designate 40 percent of state budget funds to K-14 schools, and proved that public satisfaction is essential. A large part of the state’s regime is the governor. For those who are interested

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Prostitution Is A Profession For Victims Of Coercion,...

In 1955 Rosa Parks sat in a white mans seat on a bus and refused to get up when asked too, saying NO, I will not, to the demands of the white authoritarian mans society. This attitude is the same attitude that the greater world population needs to have towards the degrading act of selling ones body for money. 70 out of the 196 countries in the world (Meltzer) that have legalized the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment (, and before this number can get any larger, someone needs to listen to the thousands of voices that are saying â€Å"no† to prostitution. There are an unimaginably vast number of issues this profession which don’t just include the rights of male and female sex†¦show more content†¦Therefore, sex slaves are victims, and have the right to escape the captivity of prostitution by guaranteeing that nobody else can be forced into the industry, legal or illegal. At first glance, the idea of selling a male or female body for sex seems to be a horrendous crime, and when one looks closer, it’s undoubtedly evident that prostitution is a horrendous crime. This is not just because of the obvious unethical reasons of producing sexual pleasure for a indiscriminate John, but also for the question of rape as a side effect of illegal prostitution. The majority of the world would say that rape is far worse than prostitution due the non consensual factor, but they are wrong. In many situations, prostitution is rape, and considering what sex workers have to endure in this line of work, it might as well be emotionally rape. Sex workers are only soliciting what seems to be consensual sexual activity because they have been forced into the profession. Either they have to produce and ends to a means, to provide for themselves or their families, or they have been forced or coerced against their will by a deceptive and seemingly caring boyfriend or girlfriend who then turns into th eir pimp. They are victims of abuses, violent and heartbreaking abuse, as: â€Å"90 percent of prostituted women have been physically

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Diversity of Online Communities Essay - 1180 Words

Diversity of Online Communities The article in U.S. News World Report called Go Play-On the Web represents a community of virtual gamers on the Internet. These games are a lot more complex than the online gaming of the past. When these people that belong to this particular community log on to the net they are interacting with each other in huge 3-D virtual worlds. Some of these games focus on a particular subject like playing virtual game shows with others on the net. Some of the new games that are just recently being released are far more complex. One of these new more complex games is called Motor City Online. Motor City Online is a game where people buy old muscle cars and customize them to their own personal specifications.†¦show more content†¦Im not sure why I prefer gaming to other communities. There are a lot of other things to do on the Internet that can be a lot more productive than gaming. I guess so far I only see the Internet as a place to entertain myself. Online gaming is just a form of ent ertainment there are literally thousands of other types of online communities. Howard Reingold speaks of a very different community that you can find online in his article, The Heart of the WELL. In this article Reingold describes an online community called WELL which stands for Whole Earth Lectronic Link. The WELL is a circle of people that have come together on the Internet and have discussions on a wide range of real world topics. More importantly the people that come together on the WELL do all that they can to help each other in the real world even though the majority of the WELLs members have never actually seen each other face to face. For example one night Reingolds two-year-old daughter had a tick on her; neither him nor his wife knew how to remove the tick. It was too late to get a hold of any doctor for advice so Reingold logged on to the WELL. Reingold was able to find a doctor that was online. This doctor was able to tell him exactly how to remove the tick. If Reingold hadnt known about the WELL he probably would have had to wait till the next morning to find someone who could inform him on how he should go about removing the tick. Another good example of howShow MoreRelatedGlobal Female Poverty and Sustainability Efforts1529 Words   |  6 Pagesmaking gender and diversity a big part of sustainability. Sustainable development is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs (Anon., n.d.). In poverty situations, people do not look at the needs of future generations. They are busy trying to meet needs for today. By companies working to reduce poverty in the sustainable efforts, they are including diversity and gender in the sustainability plan. Gender and diversity enables greaterRead MoreInternal and External Factors1426 Words   |  6 Pagesof the external factors and two of the internal factors of diversity and ethics of the food giant chain McDonald’s Restaurant. We will also address the four functions of management planning, organizing, leading, and controlling and the role each plays in McDonald’s organization. The way each function is used in McDonald’s organization and how each level is impacted by these functions. We will also discuss why McDonald’s teaches diversity, the code conduct and the internal and external ethics of theRead MoreWhy Discrimination Is Common Among The Racially Different People1205 Words   |  5 Pagesinterviewee discrimination has a negative effects on the studies of students such as potentially limiting students’ concentration and have influence results or cause students not to attend school regularly. Racism generates tensions within school communitie s, which misleads cultural understanding and restricts the educational experience of all students. In the Survey conducted of 40 year 11 and female students, peers who have experienced discrimination, had negative effects such as reduced self-confidenceRead More Explosion of Interest Essay1208 Words   |  5 PagesExplosion of Interest A community can be defined in many ways. The most basic definition is a group of people sharing common interests, thoughts, beliefs, or values. Todays fastest growing and most diverse communities are those experienced through the Internet. In the article Everyones a Critic, Richard Lacayo describes the many communities where people can express their feelings on books, movies, music, and restaurants. His representation of online communities can be shared with that of AmyRead MoreDiversity Report On Northwell Health1502 Words   |  7 PagesDiversity Report on Northwell Health I. Introduction New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world. There are many cultures, races; languages mixed together creating â€Å"culturally diverse pot†. â€Å"Diversity is the existence of a wide variety of cultures and subcultures represented within a society† (CCN, 2016). For this project I selected Northwell Health System to audit because there are many offices and clinics around area where I live (it is extremely diverse area) and I decided to knowRead MoreA Concept Analysis of Diversity Essay1418 Words   |  6 PagesDiversity has many definitions but only one true meaning. This concept Analysis is dedicated to exploring the broadened sense of diversity through active concepts with respect to term usage, and current literature research to support the understanding and relevance of the term itself. Search Terms: Diversity, Ethnic Variety, and Variation Introduction: Definition The dictionary definitions for the term â€Å"Diversity† are fairly similar in nature. The American Heritage Dictionary describesRead MoreHobby Lobby : Business, History, Culture, Locations, And Demographics1207 Words   |  5 Pageswith their online usage. They have recognized the importance of an online presence and are currently using social media sites to attract new hires whenever they are opening a new location or participating in a hiring event. Hobby Lobby’s Weaknesses and Threats With strengths comes weakness and with opportunities comes threats. Hobby lobby is lacking strongly in diversity. When conversing with a local Hobby Lobby human resource manager, Gary Adams his primary concern was with diversity. He conveyedRead MoreCommunity Nursing 405 Windshield Survey Essay example995 Words   |  4 Pagesyou could count on watching many neighbors being in their yards spring cleaning and fixing up. There was a time when the community had tool borrowing, if you needed a tool to maintain something in your home, the resource was city hall. Just leave your driver’s license and you could borrow it for 24 hours. Apparently those days are gone. When I drive through my community I don’t notice many of the changes because I am focused on whatever mission Aim on, but when I am driving looking for thingsRead MoreTarget Diversity : Target s Diversity Initiative754 Words   |  4 PagesTarget s Diversity Initiative Diversity is becoming a more increasing and ever changing dynamic to the business environment. Organizations can either embrace and grow with diversity or be left behind and die out. One of the organizations that is growing with diversity is Target. This paper will look at Target in depth on what they are doing right and wrong, what makes them a leader in diversity, and what leadership is doing to encourage diversity. Background Founded in 1902, Target has beenRead MoreGraduation Speech : School Save Money Buying The Online Textbook Rather Than Buying Paperback Textbooks Essay1468 Words   |  6 Pagesdepending on the situation in which one is placed, such as location and the diversity in the surrounding areas, as well as the resources that are available to them, namely technology and the internet. Due to technology, students can access books, use calculators, get immediate access to information, turn in homework and teachers can assign homework out through websites and blogs—even through twitter. Schools save money buying the online textbook rather than buying paperback textbooks for the entire school

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Cell phones in school free essay sample

I think students should be able to have the ability to have a phone present with them at all times even at school. There could be an emergency and the child might be far away from a phone when they need medical attention right away. Some medical emergencies include choking, seizures or children with broken bones at school. Emergencies can also happen with the teacher. The teacher could be in need of medical attention. A teacher could have a heart attach or a Stroke. Things could append on the bus to school or even on a field trip. Cell phones could come in handy during medicinal emergencies. Such non- emergencies could include kidnappings and school shootings. Students could call the police when these things happen. When people get hurt during a natural disaster, like tornados or hurricanes the phone could help them if they are stuck and cant get out. We will write a custom essay sample on Cell phones in school or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In order for a student to use a phone in the school, there should be guidelines for phone use. An agreement paper should be signed by the parents, the student and the teacher all saying that they agree to the guidelines of phone use in the class. Guidelines should be made. The phones should only be used for situations only and should not be used in class time. Students in school should have the use of cellular devices on school property for the potential use for emergencies. This is why schools should allow cellular devices in the school. Think students should be able to have the ability to have a phone present tit them at all times even at school. There could be an emergency and the child might be far away from a phone when they need medical attention right away. Some medical emergencies include choking, seizures or children with broken bones at school. Emergencies can also happen with the teacher. The teacher could be in need of medical attention. A teacher could have a heart attach or a Stroke. Things could happen on the bus to school or even on a field trip. The school.

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Windemere Road free essay sample

Thirty-twoWindemere Road, Upper Montclair, New Jersey, 07043. It was the yellow house withred shutters at the end of the cul-de-sac. There was a giant oak tree on one sideof the walkway and a small dogwood surrounded by blue vinca on the other. In thespring, there were more than 50 daffodils blooming around the dogwood to let usknow winter was officially over. My mom always said that daffodils were thetrumpeters of spring. We moved when I was eleven. I had just finishedfifth grade with the best friends I thought I would ever find. Since I couldnthelp too much with the packing, I just watched as my childhood was stuffed intohuge brown boxes. I cried a lot during the two weeks it took for us to move. Anew house meant losing everything that made us the Bakums. Where would we storethe holiday decorations if they werent in their designated basement closet?Where were we going to hang the bulletin boards of photographs if they didnt fitin the new kitchen? How could I run, unharmed by witches at the bottom of thestairs, to my parents room at night if their room was farther away? Movingseemed impossible to me. We will write a custom essay sample on Windemere Road or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page We fit so perfectly into this house; there was no way wecould live comfortably if we werent living in 32 Windemere Road. Since wemoved to Connecticut, I have lived in three houses. My dads new job turned outto be a disappointment ending in unemployment. As a result, we had to move out ofour first house and into two rentals, while Dad went back to work in New York. Wehavent lived together as a family in seven years. Since our belongings have beenin storage for the past three years, I havent seen many of my things for a longtime. On the surface, it seemed that everything I thought had made my life happy- the house, the decorations, the material possessions weregone. Sometimes at night, I close my eyes and picture myself in my oldroom with my old furniture, living my old life. I miss that time when my familydidnt worry where we were going to live or how we were going to eat. I miss mydad coming home at night. I miss playing with my sister in our own yard under theoak tree. I miss the blooming daffodils in April. Sometimes I feel sad when Ithink of that time in my life, and other times I feel grateful that I have thosememories. Thirty-two Windemere Road will always represent the peacefullife I know my family will find again someday. In the meantime, though, I havelearned to find happiness in other places. I cherish every Friday night when mydad comes home from the city and every moment I spend with him, because they areso few. I cherish my parents, who love each other and who love me. Mostimportant, I cherish my moms amazing ability to make every house feel like theone in Montclair. I open my eyes and see that while I have left myMontclair life behind, what really made my life wonderful have simplymoved to a new location.

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Free Essays on Be Your Self

"if it floats his boat then let him row."... Free Essays on Be Your Self Free Essays on Be Your Self I don't see what the problem with people excepting the fact that people have the right of freedom of choice although they may not like what the person is choosing. Although it's not ethical for alot of people it is widely spreading across the world. People from all ethnicities becoming more open about their sexuality. Gays now as suppose to the early days are given more equality within the workplace and in society. Being a homosexual should not limit your way of life due to partiality of sexuality or moral belief. Like a lot of people I was a skeptical about homosexuality to it hit home and I got the full understanding why they chose that way of life. I asked my uncle what made him choose homosexuality and the only thing that he told me was " I didn't choose to be gay it chose me" I didn't get it but in his words he explained that he fells comfortable in the presence of male and that the love all people look for he desired in a man although confusing I would say in my own words " if it floats his boat then let him row."...

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Coronary artery disease prevention screening Essay

Coronary artery disease prevention screening - Essay Example The symptoms can stay in the body of a person for more than five years without him or her noticing. This technique measures the work that is performed by the heart through driving the flow of blood all over the body. If the blood pressure is high, then one is at a higher chance of getting stroke and heart disease, kidney failure, or arteries could be hardened thus leading to coronary artery disease. Therefore, systems to offer constant surveillance and to help patients in upholding blood pressure control over a period are critical to decreasing morbidity and mortality (Sudano et al., 2010). The enhanced use of evidence-based methods for managing hypertension and the growth of focused care management curriculums that encourage collaborative care have the perspective to increase enormously control rates. This method has been seen to achieve the best control measures hence reducing the occurrence of CAD. Furthermore, lifestyle counselling, home monitoring, and proper medication management, especially in the context of a structured, evidence-based method for long-term governing, constitute a robust tool for effective management of hypertension and enhanced health results for the hypertensive patients (Health, 2015). Sudano, I., Flammer, A. J., Periat, D., Enseleit, F., Hermann, M., Wolfrum, M., †¦ Ruschitzka, F. (2010). Acetaminophen Increases Blood Pressure in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease. Circulation.